Interview Preparation

If you haven’t been on the other side of a desk of an interview for some time, an interview can be an extremely daunting prospect. On the other hand, it’s also a great opportunity to review your achievements, to define what you want to achieve next and find a business which will give you the opportunity to do that.

I can help you prepare for any type of interview so you can walk into the room, or turn on the video chat, knowing that you are fully prepared and ready to show the interviewer the best version of you.

Common types of interview:


You will be asked a series of questions inviting you to give a relevant example from your own experience, demonstrating you are competent for the role. A likely style of question is ‘Give an example about a time when you have.

I can show you a straightforward method to deal with this style of interview and even if you have been the interviewer yourself, give you some techniques to ensure a concise, relevant and positive reply.


You will be asked to talk through your CV, reasons for leaving, achievements, career aspirations and possibly given some hypothetical questions – “what would you do if..”

The interview is less structured than a competency framework and consequently I can give you techniques to stay on track, use positive examples and avoid common pitfalls.

How can I help you?

Decades of interviewing allow me to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and formulate a plan to overcome these areas at interview through creating a series of practice questions based on a job description for the interview to be attended.

I can provide live feedback through role play and discussion either over the telephone, via Skype or face to face should you wish to practice your interview skills prior to winning an interview.

We will also review your past achievements and issues that you have overcome in order to create a series of positive examples which can be manipulated to provide an answer to several scenarios and competencies.

Why Practice for an interview – I interviewed lots of people myself?

Being on the other side of the desk/laptop/phone is a very different experience, especially if you’ve recently lost your job and you really want this one!

Preparation will not only ensure you walk into the room feeling confident, it will help you walk out again and not have that nagging feeling – “I wish I’d said that…”, or worse “I wish I hadn’t said that!”

Projecting confidence is a huge part of securing a new role, delivering your answers smoothly and competently may set you apart from the competition.

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail!

Why trust you?

Good question – I have literally two and a half decades of honing my skills preparing candidates at all levels, Agent to Director, CEO, COO, CFO etc giving them the best chance possible of securing a role.

I have worked with all sections of the business community and recruited across Private and Public Sector, 3rd Sector, SME and huge international Corporates, placing candidates from all sections of our community.

I’ve also conducted thousands of video interviews and can give you tips on lighting, sound, preparation of your technology and more.

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