LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a hugely powerful free to use (to the individual) marketing tool which gives your profile visibility to internal and external recruiters, as well as potential new colleagues and peers.

As businesses seek to attract Talent as cost effectively as possible and turn to direct methods of sourcing, LinkedIn has become and will become more and more the first point of call.

A well-written LinkedIn profile allows you to showcase your experience, qualifications, professional memberships, awards and voluntary activities, opening the door to being headhunted or recommended to advertisements in your network and beyond.

We will ensure your profile positively reflects your key skills and attributes including those all-important key words. We can advise you on getting and giving recommendations, appropriate types of “post”, your profile image/picture etc. Believe me – this holds weight with your prospective employers – see for yourself here on my profile.

If you chose the CV, LinkedIn and Social Media Audit package I will adapt the content of your new CV for use on your LinkedIn profile. If you do not already have a profile from which I can work, it is as easy as creating a new email account so once you have done that, I can set to work populating your profile with engaging content.