CV Writing – What’s the Process?

Your CV is, in many cases, your first chance to make a great impression on the company and individuals you’d like to work with. It’s imperative you give yourself the best chance to progress to the interview stage; we can do that for you.

My Professional CV Writing Service provides a personal, approachable and affordable way to have a great CV of which to be proud.

What’s the timeframe?

In general, I am able to provide the finished CV within 3 to 5 working days from the confirmation point. Should you require a 24 or 48 hr turn around this is possible for an additional fee.

How to make a CV stand out.

So many CV’s are a copy and paste of the job spec, a dry list of responsibilities and processes which tell us little or nothing about the person behind the role, their capability in performing those responsibilities and their achievements during that process.

This is your first chance to positively stand out in the recruiter’s mind so you must ensure:

  • The CV is structured, clear, concise, consistent and free from any errors which could eliminate you immediately from any process
  • That you demonstrate not only your duties but quantifiable successes in the role
  • Key words and phrases relevant to your career and skills are included in a way which highlights your capabilities and are found via on-line search engines (ASI)

Won’t a recruiter help me with the CV?

Some will; I certainly have over the years upon meeting with a candidate and seeing a different picture to the one painted by the CV. However, with increasing unemployment, significant redundancy programmes and fewer choice jobs, recruiters will receive a huge response from advertisements and consequently will not have the time or desire to rewrite your CV for you.

Internal recruiters may have the skills to see past a poorly written CV to the talent that lies beneath but increasingly they also won’t have the time or inclination so you must ensure you shine from the outset – you get one chance to make a good first impression!

Will you continue to make adjustments for free?

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of my core values and so I guarantee unlimited revisions to the CV until both you and I, are completely happy it reflects the best version of you. I would always advise tweaking the CV for each specific job however, I will provide you with editable Word and PDF versions of the CV so you can add, change or revise as you see fit at no cost.

Should you prefer, for a further small fee, I can review the job spec and organisation, tweaking the CV to reflect values and key words employed by the business, or write you a specific covering letter.